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Swastik Roofing

SWASTIK manufacture corrugated sheets required for roofing purpose and also the various accessories required for roofing purpose. Thus SWASTIK has the entire range of roofing systems, irrespective of the type of construction and place where it is required and whatever be the climatic conditions. 

Be it a North Light Roof or a Monitor Roof or a Hip Roof, SWASTIK has anything and everything that is required for the roofing purpose. 

The roofing accessories are designed to meet the most modern aesthetic buildings and the accessories are capable to take care of the ventilation and natural lighting arrangements without any power requirement and work round the clock. 

Inspite of the above large range of roofing accessories, in case any client desires to have any special roofing, even these are tailor-made as per the requirement of the clients. Thus there is one name for roofing, and that is SWASTIK.


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