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Cemply Flat Sheets


Cemply, an ideal substitute for water proof plywood is a versatile product from Sahyadiri Industries Limited- a Pune based listed company. This flat cement sheet is as per IS 2096 and has variety of application. Cemply is composed of following materials:


Cement 50 To 55%
Pozzolonic Material 27 To 32 %
Crysolite Fibre 9 To 11%
Additives 2 To 3 %

Crysotile or white asbestos fibre is the sole species obtained from the serpentine group of rock formation. This fibres are white and silky in nature and have great tensile strength which is made use of in reinforcing Asbestos Cement Products. It has following Advantages :

    • It is alkali resistant and does not corrode; hence it can be used to manufacture thin sections.
    • It is not brittle and has high tensile strenght. it is resilient and has a great affinity to cement.
    • It has a fibrous structure and hence offers more surface area to be covered by cement.
    • It is non-destructible, non-inflammable and non-organic.
    • It has a high slenderness ratio, which is advantageously used for reinforcing the end products.


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