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Onduline Roofing Sheets

The Onduline group was founded in France in the 1940s to manufacture and market the now famous Corrugated roofing sheets. The outstanding growth and success of the group in the last 60 years has seen the company become the worlds’ largest manufacturer of corrugated light weight roofing sheets. The products are a combination of cellulose fibres and bitumen which are combined at high temperatures and pressure. The Onduline group operates in over 100 countries through a number of subsidiaries and distribution partners. The Onduline group is highly committed to the preservation of our environment and contributes to this aspect by recycling over 200000Tons of cellulose fibres to manufacture its products.


Onduline sheets offer the following benefits:

  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • Can be used in extreme climatic conditions
  • High insulation and sound absorbency values
  • Resistant to corrosion-does not rust, rot or become brittle
  • Light weight- 6.4kg per sheet of 1.9m2 area
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 192km/hr.
  • Does not break during transportation and installation
  • Available in a range of environmentally sensitive colours.
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Contains no hazardous chemicals


Material Combination of Cellulose fibres and bitumen
Length of sheet 2m
Width of sheet 0.95m
Thickness of sheet 3mm
Area per sheet 1.9m2
Weight per sheet 6.4kg (3.3kg/m2)
Width of corrugation 95mm
Height of corrugation 38mm
Number of corrugations/sheet 10
Colors Red/Green/Brown/Black
Packing In pallets of 420 sheets



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